Welcome to the Fodder section. You will find here detailed information about the Commercial Hydroponic Fodder System (CHFS)

The CHFS (Patent Pending) is quite simply a highly efficient way of growing fodder for livestock. Designed by Peter Doyle for Commercial Hydroponic Solutions, the CHFS is designed as a commercial system and there is no other system like it!. It is highly adaptable with respect to location, providing there is suitable water and power available. There is minimal waste, as all that goes into the system, stays in the system until harvest. The majority of water used, is that which is taken up by the barley shoots themselves.

In designing the CHFS range, we developed the system with one of our key principles in mind, that it must be simple and problem free to operate for the grower.

More pictures of the Commercial Hydroponic Fodder System(CHFS) can also be found in the Fodder Photos section.

Image above: CHFS system for beef producers P&W Dean, Blayney, NSW