NFT Channel

- Versatility – can be modified to suit several growing methods
- Easy to clean
- All channel comes with a 20 Year guarantee




The Sure-Gro channel was in part designed by Peter Doyle and has been a major component of most of the previous work by our company. It carries the lengthiest guarantee of all NFT channel on the market today, and remains the channel of choice for the Livestock Fodder Shed. End caps and joiners (if needed) are also available with this channel, costs for these can be supplied on an individual basis.

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Green Insulation
We use Green Insulation Reflecta-Shed to insulate the sheds used for hydroponics.

Reflecta-Shed™ Reflective Foil Insulation
A high quality insulation product such as Reflecta-Shed will keep your options open for the life of the shed. The unique patented coating on Reflecta-Shed guarantees against oxidisation and corrosion, maintaining performance for a long time.

Guaranteed for 15 years.


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